Leading the way…. In the year 2016, we’ve begun to see some changes which are surely to pave the way for new entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry. First, as we all know vaporizer’s are trending big time right now and the frenzy is just beginning as we continue to see people not only from America but other countries abroad. What’s interesting here is the big tobacco companies were against the vaporizer’s from the beginning but now it looks as though they are taking a second look at what it could mean to the tobacco industry as a whole.  Now then, the F.D.A. of course refuses to spend the money on testing, experiments and scientific data but they’ve had no problem in coming out against it.  Why? Well, think about it for one cool minute.  If vaporizer’s become common place there is no more big money in tobacco.  Moreover, as it looks vaporizer’s will be futuristic in the medical field in where people can use a vaporizer to inhale different types of medication.

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