Learn How To Vape

Learn how to vape, first be on your own property and or somewhere you know it is not illegal.  Some cities have made their own municipal laws which prohibit the use of vaporizers and or vaping on their properties.   Such a shame, but it is true, however there is litigation in courts now to overturn such silly laws. You’re not going to have to inhale as hard as you do with a traditional cigarette, so don’t over do it. You can do what is called mouth-hits over lung-hits, personally, I like lung-hits because I feel like I get a deeper puff, but there are people who prefer mouth hits because there’s better flavor and more vapor.

There is no difference in vaping nicotine or smoking a cigarette really, it is about the same other than many people say they quit smoking all together by using the vape pen.  Of course, it is all up to you whether you quit smoking or not.  Remember, to clean your vape pen regularly as it does have a filter and must be maintained.

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