Used Vaporizers

Used Vaporizers can be dangerous


It is not suggested you buy a used vaporizer but if you do please be really careful who you buy it from. Sometimes people will add parts which do not fit or go with the dynamics of the vaporizer just to pass off it to you.

  1. If you do buy a used vaporizer, please sterilize it.
  2. If you buy a used vaporizer, make sure you change the filter.
  3. If you buy a used vaporizer, make sure it is a quality piece.
  4. If you buy a used vaporizer, do not buy it off the internet.

Remember, what you pay for a used vaporizer you could probably buy one new.  By buying a new vaporizer you will know nobody else has had there mouth on it and know its history.  Of course, if you’re going to buy a vaporizer that has only been used one time and you know the person you’re buying it from it should not be a problem.  We just wouldn’t like to see you get ripped off from some wiseguy.

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