Vaporizer Ripoffs

People are complaining about online vaporizer ripoffs, especially those found on Chinese websites. The vaporizers are being imported to the United States on the cheap and re-sellers are making high profits but are finding they’re faced with no repeat buyers due to the cheap quality vaporizers. Consumers are complaining of how weak the metal deposits are in the making of the vaporizers and the parts failing repeatedly, some are even complaining about over heating and explosion.  You have to remember, these Chinese vaporizer products are not regulated in the U.S. they’re only an importer.  Well, the savvy websites are unloading vaporizers left and right over the internet by luring consumers in with cheap prices.

In order to be safe as possible, our suggestion is you purchase your vaporizer which is manufactured in the U.S., in this way the safety factor is at a higher level.  Many consumers are also complaining about being ripped off and never receiving their product when the online website claims their products did not clear the port of entry.  If  you read, those Chinese websites terms & conditions you are agreeing that once you make a purchase and the product does not make through the port of entry, you automatically lose and no refund will be issued.  Please take a look around on and checkout highly recommended websites when you can feel good about purchasing good products and actually receiving something you pay for without being ripped off!

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